"If there were a drug that could do for human health everything that exercise can, it would likely be the most valuable pharmaceutical ever developed." - Dr. Mark Tarnopolsky


"Punk rock" yoga?

First, this ain't about music. This is about the ethos of punk rock. 

Anti-establishment, anti-corporate, defiant, self-reliant and non-conforming, because life is the ultimate DIY project. This is yoga stripped of pretension and anecdotal claims. We believe a solid yoga practice is grounded in science and fueled by a desire to jump on the mat like a rockstar jumping into the crowd.


...and that's why this may not be the practice for you.


We ain't looking for tourist, spiritual masturbators or ceiling surfers. 

We don't give a shit about followers so you won't find us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. This isn't for influencers, name-droppers or star fuckers. This is yoga for those that have to do it because life doesn't make sense without it.

If our punk attitude isn't enough to dissuade you, you should also know that our yoga method is hard as fuck due to our emphasis on strength building, sound bio-mechanics and functional movement.  

....and if we still haven't convinced you not to come...

Meditation is a required component of all our classes.



kicking your life's ass

If you want convenient yoga, there is a corporate yoga class on every corner starting at any hour. There is nothing convenient about self actualization and personal growth. This is a get on your mat and shut the fuck up kinda yoga. This is about finally reading the owners manual to the human body and becoming healthy, happy and strong kinda yoga. This is empower yourself and take responsibility for yourself kinda yoga. Are you in? REMEMBER, you are your only hope for a hero, so damn the torpedos and hold fast! Attack your mat! This is Punk Rock Yoga.

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"He's an asshole, but at least he knows what the fuck he is doing"

Kelli G.

January 10, 2021

"Whatever man. Can I have my five bucks now?"

Jeff S.

March 10, 2019


Karyn C.

April 19th, 2018

"Two thumbs up!"

Siskel & Ebert

September 14th, 1992

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